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Paintless dent removal (PDR) is less of a set of skills for maintenance than it is an art, and people like us who carry out paintless dent removal on dented or bumped items are highly skilled at their job and have learned rigorously through trial and error. The main thing to remember about doing paintless dent removal on something like a car or other metal item is that if you use the incorrect pressure or force by even the smallest amount it can make the dent worse and ruin the paintwork on the item. Because of this, if you have an item where a dent needs removing, then it is always wise to call in a PDR Specialist rather than attempting it yourself. Based in Swansea South Wales we cover all surrounding areas.

Paintless dent removal is primarily used on cars, often after accidents such as minor crashes or bumps which have caused a small dent or ding in the bonnet or door, but they can also repair small minor dings and dent caused by hail damage or brushing another car. PDR can often repair all kinds of dents without any problem, but if there is already paint damage to the car then you probably won't be able to have a paintless dent removal carried out as some touching up to the paint job will be required. Sharp dents and major creases in the metal are often not able to be fixed by PDR and the paint itself will need to have a certain degree of flexibility or it will simply crack or flake when moulded back into shape with the metal.

The major tools involved in carrying out PDR are metal rods and body picks which are used to gently push the dents out from the inside of the panel that is being repaired and in some cases they can even use special glue on the outside which they use to pull the dent out rather than push it back in. Whichever method is used, our PDR specialist`s will need to do a careful method called "tapping" in which they will gently tap out the smaller remains of the dent to remove high spots from the surface and completely flatten it. One of the ways these high spots are located is by using a special florescent light to view any small shadows. They will also use a PDR light board in order to view all the finer details of their work and without these they would not be able to do their work. They will then use a PDR reading instrument to ensure that the dent has been pushed out to the correct height and width to create a flawless finish.

If there are any dents in your car which the technician cannot remove completely, often they can work with it to mould it and shape it so that it is far less noticeable on your car so that you don't have to spend the money on completely replacing the damaged panel. Dents in your car can affect that value of your car by as much as £250 per panel, so it's very important to make sure you look for a paintless dent removal specialist when you notice any dents. If you are looking for protection for your panels please try bubble wrap south wales.


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